Comic 978 - Aftermath

10th Feb 2010, 12:00 AM in Shades of Sin
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Golden Dragon Girl 9th Feb 2010, 7:00 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
Original text on this comic:
To get a proper idea of how the average Caligulan citizen felt after the night of the purge (more popularly known as Slaughter Night, especially since the public isn't actually aware of what really happened) combine the American reaction to 9/11 with the reaction to, say, the Kennedy assassination, Micheal Jackson's death, and about a dozen other really famous celebrities that died tragically, whether they were well-loved or otherwise.

Then maybe you'll get an inkling.

Forum ninjas who participated in the Spaceways RPG might be mildly confused by the talk of guilds, so I'll just briefly point out that there are two kinds of bounty hunter in LOP: Guilded bounty hunters, and unguilded bounty hunters. Being a member of a guild gives you the advantage of having clients come to YOU, alongside grouped funds, resources and protection, while lone hunters have to do things like look for contracts on Fettlist. XD

After Blue killed one of the bounty hunters here, Silver decided he didn't like working with guilds, even though they afford more privacy. (I think he's more surprised that Blue was ABLE to break someone's neck than anything, but oh well. He obviously underestimated him, and that's what matters.)
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