Comic 690 - Bonnie Fools

30th Nov 2007, 12:00 AM in Man of Power (Part 2)
Bonnie Fools
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Golden Dragon Girl 29th Nov 2007, 7:00 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
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Stay tuned for some shocking conversation and a very emo Daimon. Although due to the nature of upcoming pages, I'm not going to post any of them until I can post them regularly, as many as I can in one week, so as to not leave you guys hanging for too long on any one page. Mostly because you may have reason to hate one or more characters through the course of the conversation and I don't want to leave it to gel too long.

Also, I admit, I'm a little nervous about a few of the reveals, one of which I've been sitting on for eight years. That's right, I haven't even told my sounding boards, because I don't want to be stopped from doing it.

Bet THAT got you curious.

And since I have exams in two weeks and everything is due this next week, there's probably going to be a little bit of a wait. =p Sorry, but I'm on the line between scraping through, passing, or flunking on at least one of them.

[/it's 2016]

Okay seriously kids some heavy stuff is coming up.
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