Comic 4 - I WROTE A POEM!

2nd Oct 2004, 1:00 AM
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Golden Dragon Girl 1st Oct 2004, 8:00 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
The original text for this update:

It's Jessi-- the idiot author. I have nothing to blame for the lack of updates but my own laziness. But at least I can comment now. ^_^'' (Out of all the comic ideas I have concieved over the years, I picked the one that HAS to be colored or it won't make sense.) (Bangs head into wall) (stupidstupidstupid...)

Obviously, this is filler. But I like it-- I wrote the poem.

I've been working on this comic since... at least 1998, using a (semi)serious storyline, although I used it for stupid gaggy stuff long before that. My artwork has improved GREATLY these past six years. And I mean that. I'd consider putting up some old art as a comparison, but I'm not sure I'd survive Blue trying to strangle me. (Which he would do anyway, if he were real.)

Anyway, I'm still trying to work out a schedule for this-- plus getting this craptacular site to look better-- because it's unnacceptable for someone like me to not update regularly. (I came into this with over 100 precomics and it's gotta be a lot more by now.) (And I don't technically have anything better to do.)

So... Hopefully updates will be more common soon. And Shaye, if you're reading this-- Yes, I suspect fanservice will be more common soon too. XD
I never did get that craptacular site to look better. XD
[/and now it's 2016 and ANOTHER new site]
Actually I think the ComicGen archive might actually still be online? Like they took down my notice I was moving and of course I can't log in anymore, so. Nice, guys.
They. Changed the color to a teal background so it isn't stark white anymore. Okay, guys.
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Shiisiln 3rd Oct 2016, 7:06 PM edit delete reply
Have I mentioned that I love your poetry?

Because i love your poetry.

(I think I actually read the Casta Bay poem from MOP out loud at a workshop once.)
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