Comic 246 - Barb

12th Sep 2005, 1:00 AM in Far Side of Nowhere
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Golden Dragon Girl 11th Sep 2005, 8:00 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
[/it's 2016]

Hoo boy, uh. I don't usually "correct" Past Me directly on the page because, like, that's who I used to be and I can't exactly change that?

I took a note that was essentially about political correctness off this page less because "Oh I don't want the readers to see how uninformed I used to be" and ENTIRELY because seeing it actively annoyed the person that I am NOW. Like not even in a cringey way. _I_ don't want to have to read it again (I can't even mitigate how much it irritates me by explaining to the person in question WHY it's so ugh, because the person in question is PAST ME.)

Which is why I'm admitting that I took it off.
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