Comic 1490 - on purpose hiatus (sorta)

25th Jul 2021, 12:00 AM in Astra Politica
on purpose hiatus (sorta)
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Golden Dragon Girl 25th Jul 2021, 12:00 AM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
I'll try for Thursdays for the Patreon free posts (mostly they'll be updates on how I'm doing with things)

the issue is largely that I've been dealing with a number of schedule changes lately and unfortunately the comic is pretty much the ONLY thing I can set to the side while trying to stabilize my day to day schedule. I'm not sure exactly how long this will take but I'll try to be back on track with updating by the end of August.

reminder that my tumblr is lol

EDIT: so a lot happened in August and September besides just me taking on a big fandom project and hyperfocusing on it beyond all reason

I mean a LOT, from a death in the family to the fact that we discovered five new interesting ways my house is falling apart in the meantime

And as of typing this my internet at home is out and I am clinging to a shred of hope it's not that the cable got chewed through by an opossum, which is currently a nonzero factor of possibility.

So! Tracking my Tumblr is currently the best way to see when LOP is returning. I'm working on writing and had a breakthrough I was holding my breath on, and I'm hoping to get some updates moving forward by the beginning of December. (Winter has usually been the best time to expect LOP updates for some years now.)

I'd apologize but it's not like I MEANT for my life to get thrown in a food processor lmao
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