Comic 1424 - hiatus til August

3rd Jun 2020, 7:55 PM
hiatus til August
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Golden Dragon Girl 3rd Jun 2020, 7:55 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
Okay so the major reason for this is actually because the comic is currently leaning too similar to current events and the last thing I want is to make anyone feel as though I'm trivializing the magnitude of what's currently happening in the United States.

Do I also need the time myself? Yes, but that's tertiary to my reasoning. I've seen plenty of other webcomics continue to business as usual and it's true that most of the plot of this chapter was written months to years ago, but the things happening in the comic right now literally line up to real life in my case.

I think with that in mind the choice of filler image is fairly self explanatory.

I've been collecting resources and signal boosts to a new Tumblr sideblog, if anyone wants something to peruse for those purposes.

I also recommend searching "how to financially help BLM with no money" on YouTube and watching the video by Zoe Amira with adblocker OFF. Ad revenue from that video will go to various charities in service of Black Lives Matter and families of victims as needed.
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