Comic 1397 - so do you have terms

20th Aug 2019, 1:00 AM in Revise, Remix, Return
so do you have terms
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Golden Dragon Girl 20th Aug 2019, 1:00 AM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
So, I've actually been teetering toward burnout for more than a week? And I'm pretty sure it's because I do need time off, like I'd already said I was going to take the first week of September--

Except that I can tell that I need that break NOW and I need more of one than if I'd just been taking a week off every month in the first place.

So, next page will be up September 10th.
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Nyomi 21st Aug 2019, 7:42 PM edit delete reply
I'm caught up??? I'm - whoa!

Damn, girl. This is the epitome of self-improvement as a comic! I read your most recent pages and was intrigued, but I didn't check the page count before starting; imagine my surprise when the first pages were from 2004 and there were over 1000 of them! I envy your dedication - and the hard work you put into this comic shows in every aspect.

Seriously! The art is a no-brainer; I don't think I even need to tell you how much better your art is now than it was in 2004. I actually really adore this style you have going on now! It's adorable and much better than the, for lack of a better word, "animu" that was going on in the earlier pages, hehe

But you know what I wasn't expecting to improve so, so much in this that I really should've expected? Your writing. You improved a LOT in 15 years. I burst out laughing at some of the later pages, and the characters just... work a lot better. I think Blue is probably the best example here; while I'll fully admit some of it was just character growth (he had good character development), but I feel like even just the way you wrote him on the whole improved. He grated on my nerves at first pretty badly (funnily enough, so did Green now that I mention it!). Blue often had a strange fluctuation between "stock emo boy" and "i guess snarky now?". He feels a lot more coherent as a character now - his angsty side feels just as natural as his snarky, and it just gels together much better rather than flipping a switch. Green had a similar change - you really figured out how to write likeable characters somehow in the process of this comic, and I really appreciate it.

The only big thing about this comic is that holy crap could I not keep the characters straight for a good chunk of it. I'll fully admit that I'm running on like 2 hours of sleep rn and that did not help things, but if you could finish that cast page that would help tremendously. (I'm really terrible with names with large casts, so this one isn't on you, but I mixed up Vanessa and... I think saber? her look-a-like for the entire pregnancy arc, and I was incredibly confused as to why she was pregnant in one page, and then suddenly her kid was 8 years old and calling Blue "daddy" haha! Their hairs are different i noticed eventually, but wow that had me lost.)

You have a good amount of cute slice of life and a lot of fun more adventurey moments. I know some people may disagree with me here, but I actually like the way you were rather blunt with the more deep issues you tackled (rape, homophobia, etc.). It came a bit out of left field, but I don't like scooting around issues anyway so it worked for me pretty well.

Also can I just say, totally unrelated, that I have a crush on like half of your characters? Synn, Blue and Lette are just... so good. All three. Red was also my favorite characters, and his girlfriend... oh my gosh. Also, not a crush on him, but Green ended up one of my favs too, which - left field???

I love this a lot. This is by no means a perfect comic, but I respect the hell out of the effort, dedication and passion put into this and it was an incredibly fun read. If you make something after this, I have no doubt it'll be polished as hell after this.

15 years, man. That is so impressive.

Keep kicking ass like Lette, girl! <3
Golden Dragon Girl 26th Aug 2019, 12:28 AM edit delete reply
Golden Dragon Girl
Wow, quite a comment, thank you! So much so I'm not sure what to respond to first, lol

First of all I appreciate so, so much that you took so much time with the comic and your comment, and I'm sorry it took me a bit to respond, lol

I personally think the part of my writing that's improved the most was learning to be unapologetically genuine about my characters; Blue comes from a real place I wasn't confident about sharing at seventeen (when I started actually writing) but decided to put forward anyway, for example? He settled as a character when I became comfortable leaning into him in a way that was true to myself.

Sabre and Vanessa just look too much alike, apparently; you're not the only one to have that issue! I really do need to get on that cast page; I guess I'll make that my next dedicated project lol

I often joke that the comic has mood swings and that's why it shifts into more serious topics so bluntly, but I appreciate that you like it; I do realize that some people would disagree with the way I handle it but for me it's what's been most true to how these subjects come up in life. (Like a baseball to the head from out of nowhere, XD)

Again, thank you so much, for reading the comic and for putting so much time into your comment! Just wow~ <3
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