Comic 1384 - Explanation for absence

13th Jun 2019, 1:00 AM
Explanation for absence
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Golden Dragon Girl 13th Jun 2019, 1:00 AM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
So, basically, directly after two funerals at my other job and the holiday and a convention........ myyyy computer crashed and now won't boot and there was A WHOLE LOT not backed up, more my editor's stuff than mine but this was the computer I'd been doing all my art on for like the past two years?

And I currently have reason to believe it's a hardware problem rather than a software problem but that means we need to get in there, give it a cleaning and see if that's the case.

LOP is NOT halting for this. I'm currently typing on and drew this using a laptop I ordered on my mother's computer, and while it means I'll have to redraw the page I'd been working on, I'm just gonna keep going because fortunately, I still do all of the actual WRITING parts of LOP on paper.

That said, I do want to practice drawing on this laptop a bit more and I'm not entirely sure how long that'll take? My tentative HOPE is that I can finish the new version of the next page by Tuesday but realistically it's more likely to be Thursday, lol

Anyway I've been mostly keeping this updated on Patreon through free public posts; there's going to be more going on over there in the near future as well because I'm going to start a redraw/rewrite of Fall to Earth this month (LOP turns fifteen in September!!)

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