Comic 1372 - A Glimpse At Their Working Relationship

23rd Jan 2019, 12:00 AM in Revise, Remix, Return
A Glimpse At Their Working Relationship
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Author Notes:

Golden Dragon Girl 23rd Jan 2019, 12:00 AM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
Colors and lines up on Patreon, as always~

I did do some design sketches of the character here but as they're in my sketchbook and I'm not entirely sure my scanner-printer will scan right now I can't promise they'll go up very soon.

I'm kind of thinking at this point the true "schedule" of LOP is probably just going to admit to being "Two to three times a week" and currently I'm thinking the next page will be Friday.
Golden Dragon Girl 25th Jan 2019, 4:36 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
We're doin' Saturday because my week got thoroughly rearranged at the last minute and I was kind of sick on Thursday, so.

EDIT: Yeah obviously THAT didn't work out; it's Tuesday as I write this and I'm basically going to shoot for the next page to be tomorrow
Golden Dragon Girl 4th Feb 2019, 12:40 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
Lol okay so obviously pages have not been happening since the last time I CLAIMED they'd be happening; part of it was probably the polar vortex triggering a minor depressive cycle (I,,,,,, don't handle cold well) and the other part of it was???? Kinda personal stuff???? I've mentioned my dad has Alzheimer's here, haven't I? Well even if not, the point is lately he's not been doing too great and we took him to see my half siblings (a two hour drive) over the weekend and he basically had to be half carried out of my brother's house because he refused to get out of a comfortable chair.

Anyway it's been hard to find time to work on what I'm supposed to be doing here and it's even been hard to get into my other job because of all this; the next page has been blue-sketched for like a couple weeks at this point.

I'm going to try to devise a batching system for pages that actually works so this kind of thing will happen less often, and if I do some things may change over at Patreon a little but in a "patrons get more stuff" kind of way.

In other news I've been invited to so a scene for this multiple animator project for Femslash February which is pretty sweet because I usually like to do things for Femslash February but wasn't sure what I was doing this year because of the whole Tumblr mess (And already knew I didn't want to commit to something as massive as I have in previous years; my contribution will probably be at least half animatic)

I'll link the finished product here when that happens!
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SXavierM 23rd Jan 2019, 1:15 AM edit delete reply
Whoever this is they've made me miss having purple hair. Also go Thud for having soccer parent lungs.
Golden Dragon Girl 23rd Jan 2019, 2:17 AM edit delete reply
Golden Dragon Girl
I actually kind of agonized over their color scheme a bit, lol, one of the reasons this ended up being a Wednesday page after all instead of just a late Tuesday page

I'm pleased you like their hair!
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