Comic 1365 - Like a Galactic Storm

29th Nov 2018, 12:00 AM
Like a Galactic Storm
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Golden Dragon Girl 29th Nov 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
IMPORTANT EDIT AS OF DECEMBER 9: my internet has been down for a week and we got a new modem and it's still not working! And here I am watching Tumblr implode and kinda quietly screaming because I can't back my blog up, haha

So I don't know when the next page is and it's not even my fault

EDIT OF THE EDIT: WiFi's back up I'm just working on getting certain things done before the Tumblr Purge so hopefully the next page will be Tuesday, when the chips will be falling.

thursday we're doing thursday some other stuff came up

==end edit==

circumstances happened and I was like. No sleep

So filler

This is actually part of a song that I initially was going to use for the gag earlier with Daimon's army playing music over the communications but I ended up deciding it was too much to the point so now it's sort of a bit his theme song I think

I am in fact working on making this an actual song there's an early draft on Patreon.
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