Comic 1291 - Yes he brought this up out of nowhere

25th Aug 2017, 1:00 AM in Filling in the Gaps
Yes he brought this up out of nowhere
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Golden Dragon Girl 25th Aug 2017, 1:00 AM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
Supply and Demand isn't the best landmark just because it's kind of fuzzy on its own timeline and there are parts that flashback to parts of Roses and Rainstorms, but this is the morning of Lette's phone conversation with Maxwell (which is also the morning after Rose and Red's wedding.) You can tell because wonder of wonders I've managed to keep their clothes consistent every time I've revisited the scene. XD

Synn didn't necessarily do anything that wasn't just a stupid teenager thing way back when he, Vanessa and Blue were in that whole mess, but he's kind of predisposed to blame himself for things. :/

It's not all in there as of this posting but there's a LOT going into the Patreon feed today, including some color art in the 5 dollar feed for a song project (not related to LOP but I'm excited to eventually, finally, put some things from LOP to music), a color reference for Synn and a doodle of Lette and Synn together in the 2 dollar feed, and the lines and textless color versions of this page.
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