Comic 123 - Behind Blue Eyes Cover

18th Mar 2005, 12:00 AM in Behind Blue Eyes
Behind Blue Eyes Cover
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Golden Dragon Girl 17th Mar 2005, 7:00 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
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Love for the Goddess of Awesome
Next week is dedicated to April 2nd, last year, when Lette first sneaked on page and decided she liked it there enough she wasn't going to leave whether I liked it or not.

Sometimes, characters are like cats. They adopt you, not the other way around. For weeks, I tried to get rid of Lette's presence in the storyline-- Her first appearance was to be her last... then her second, then her third... then she climbed into my lap and threatened to purr in my face until I let her stay.

I always fall for that one.

Happy Birthday, babe.

[/and now it's 2016]
I'll be honest, Lette probably is my favorite LoP character if only because I'm incredibly amused by the fact that she hijacked my comic. Also I sort of have a thing for tall women with short hair (particularly if they are inclined toward masculine dress.)

So yeah. XD
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