Comic 1222 - I swear this is the last one

17th Jun 2016, 1:00 AM in Rule of the Babeocracy
I swear this is the last one
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Golden Dragon Girl 16th Jun 2016, 8:00 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
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Like, that last panel is also based on a real person, and not to get on my soapbox or anything but this woman would essentially force random people to pray with her, and presented herself and her message in a way that even I, for whom Lynnah is standing in for in the last panel as someone who regularly goes to church and volunteers as part of the church service, felt like I was in danger if I potentially said the wrong thing.

If not for my safety, then for my job. Because someone in a position of serving a customer, in many service jobs, often feels like they have no choice but to agree with or acquiesce to things that they would NEVER allow if they weren't concerned about their customer complaining to their superiors.

I couldn't comfortably depict poor Green, whose religious education consisted of "Here are the basics of philosophy, come to your own conclusions" and whose actual religious identity is "Why are you asking me about this, that's private," encountering this person without him being able to snap back, so I chose not to.

Even without how angry it made me that she was basically forcing this on people (imagine how someone of another faith, questioning, or of no faith would have felt about this), there's something that rings particularly false to me about "love" offered as if I'm a number in a quota. Evangelism shouldn't be some sort of bingo board.

She at least attempted to "convert" every single person who took her groceries to the car as soon as she had them sufficiently alone, incidentally, which put us in a position where we couldn't politely escape while she was definitely still talking to us. I am not exaggerating anything about how invasive this was.

*tosses soapbox over shoulder*
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