Comic 1191 - Been doing this for ten years and I still can't draw cars

14th Mar 2016, 1:00 AM in Rule of the Babeocracy
Been doing this for ten years and I still can't draw cars
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Golden Dragon Girl 13th Mar 2016, 8:00 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
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The reason for the Organization having largely Jewish founders (and I will find a way to put this in the comic more properly I'm just tired of reworking the dialogue here) is that I basically decided they were all ALCHEMISTS, because who else is going to pick up on the fact that an interplanetary tyrant has decided that Earth is now a member world without consulting us? And a major (possibly fictional) figure in early alchemy was a Jewish woman, so I ran with it.

(But really I'd been doing research on alchemy for something else, became quite taken with Miriam, and decided she needed to show up in All the Things.)

And then there's the fact that the earliest global conspiracy theories were in fact antisemitic propaganda, and even today a lot of them still ARE, and I just went "Okay sure."

I feel it's important to note, though, that the Organization itself is not a "Jewish organization" despite its founders largely being Jewish, much like western comics and American humor. (Among other things.) It's just self aware enough to actually give credit where credit is due.

(For the record, guys, I'm Gentile, for all that random Yiddish was sort of common in my house thanks to Mel Brooks.)

One of my favorite things about LOP's universe is how there's a ton of completely ludicrous things that are just sort of THERE and nobody makes big shakes about them because most people aren't paying attention. I feel it's very true to life.
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