Comic 1040 - That Guy

19th Jul 2010, 1:00 AM
That Guy
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Golden Dragon Girl 18th Jul 2010, 8:00 PM edit delete
Golden Dragon Girl
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Oh hai thar
Some of the story bits need me to sit down with them and fiddle a little bit. So you're getting some sparse info on the Commander at Geist today.

The Synn Fan Club for Boys actually has quite a large membership, and besides just Blue, Daimon and Nebi here, includes Morgan, Bogie and Lette. XD (Lette doesn't care that she's not a boy.) Not to mention a large proportion of the population of Geist.

Nebi means "panther." Tataka's design was taken from an early doodle when I was trying to figure out who the governor of Geist would be, before I decided on Walerian. I chose to give him cool colors and bright orange eyes because I couldn't remember giving someone a color scheme quite like it before, and it was pleasingly striking and potentially very symbolic of the basic character he has. (Walerian Dimka's color scheme was intended to look like a pink tulip. :D XDD )

Yes, Nebi Tataka is slightly younger than Synn and Blue. :x Caligulans seem to be pretty comfortable with handing responsibility to the young.
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