Chapter Tags

As of right now there's no overarching "chapter" for the various fillers, but they come up first in the archive anyway.

Fall to Earth

A crash to earth and a clash of cultures isn't always a bad point in your life. 

Far Side of Nowhere

Settling in has its good, its ugly, and its downright odd. 

Man of Power (Part 1)

Lord Silver has arrived. 

Man of Power (Part 2)

Blue isn't leaving his city in his cousin's domain.

Heat of Battle

A short moment during the Battle of Shangri where Casey decides maybe this stuff isn't so much for her. 

Toy Quest

Lette, Dex and Green embark on an epic quest to acquire the Deluxe Mecha Torge Platinum Edition. Takes place somewhere between the first page of Fall to Earth and the first page of Roses and Rainstorms. 

Roses and Rainstorms

Rose and Red FINALLY get married. 

Dinner Party

Sometimes a fun night runs down into sad drama and everybody's tired and cranky. 

Supply and Demand 

There's a few things Lette feels need to be reOrganized. 

Shades of Sin

A look into Synn's inner journey as the Commander. Takes place over a time period spanning before Fall to Earth to the second part of Man of Power.

Dogs of War

Lette is probably not the best choice of hostage.

Rule of the Babeocracy 

There are pregnant women all OVER the place in this one. 

Revise, Remix, Return

It's time to throw away this copper crown.

Stories and Collections out of sequence

Daddy's Girl 

Wherein Lette learns for the first time what her father does for a living. 

Behind Blue Eyes 

Wherein Lette takes the first steps to unchaining herself. 

The Ides of March 

Less a chapter and more an easy way to collect one of this comic's stranger traditions 

MoP Production Notes 

One Shots 

A collection of little story moments.

Parenthood Prep Reunion

A short epilogue to Babeocracy.

Filling in the Gaps

A glimpse into how Blue, Lette and Synn settle things.