very long story about a family knit together between different worlds. 

Features ridiculousness, the silliest sort of space opera logic, and lots of bright colors. 


Trigger warnings include some violence, rape-as-backstory/drama (handled as sensitively as I knew how but occasionally with some scary imagery), more than one genocidal villain, and plenty of emotional mood swings.


Also it is my longest running anything, it is very long, there is a lot of art evolution over the course of the comic, we go from colored pencils to crappy computer coloring to better computer coloring and that’s not even discussing the lineart or my varying willingness to draw backgrounds.

Updates two to three times a week on a loose MWF schedule (currently Mondays and Fridays except when otherwise stated).

The Law of Purple originally began over on ComicGenesis in 2004.  I'm not the best at coding, partly due to mild dyslexia, and ended up moving to the now defunct ComicDish because I was struggling so much with the website (although the ComicGen site is still online and they took down the last handful of updates, how curious) and when ComicDish came to an end I moved here to ComicFury, which I'm hoping will be the comic's "forever home."  (Life's unpredictable, of course!)