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-Most of what's here currently is LOP's raw scans, some extra art, some informational stuff here and there, some work involved with computer games I've been working on (including background music, although I confess that's still a learning process for me.)  Signing on for membership will get you this sort of stuff and ALSO will aid me in the constant struggle to feed my cats and pay my bills!

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Ko-Fi is a tipping service site that allows you to "Buy me a coffee" in order to help support LOP and whatever else I'm doing that you like by sending money through to my Pay-Pal!  

The Law of Purple on Facebook

Very new and will probably include updates about my other projects as well (particularly a game set in the same universe as LOP but mostly unconnected)

The Law of Purple on TV-Tropes

-Occassionally I do edit this page, but ONLY to fix links (and... uh, that one time I sort of went on a mad spoiler covering spree because I was upset).  Otherwise I leave it up to the readership.

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The Forum:

NOTICE: I have not been able to log into the Proboards Forum as an admin for a number of years.  I'm working on it, and I do check in occassionally so I am aware when people leave commentary.  However, I'm mainly linking it here because it has a certain amount of background information on the comic itself and also the original (shortlived) forum RPG.